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Trapped Escape Room Game Bank Job


Bank Job: Crack the clues. Open the vault. TRAPPED turns ANY room into a family-friendly escape-room adventure. In BANK JOB, you and the other players are a gang of bank robbers Intel suggests that if you’re a party to this one job, you’ll be set for life! Locked in a secure vault and under heavy surveillance, can you work together as a team to pull off the crime in the nick of time? Sleeping gas has knocked out the security guards and everyone else in the building so you’re safe for now But hurry! In sixty minutes you’ll need to choose your strategy: finish the mission or abort and run! Difficulty level: HARD Players: 2-6 1-2 hours game play. Suitable for children 8+

Minimum Age 8Yrs+
First Available 01st Oct 2020
Product Size:
Approx. inc. packaging 5.0 x 18.0 x 24.0 cm

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